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About us


The principle feature of this magazine is to give an insight to every individual about life. A light to how one apprehends ‘self’ is important in life and how ‘life’ itself is so important in this living planet. Everything exists because you exist. One is endowed with that potential; by using it one can explore any dimension of life. Without understanding this, man in this planet is equipped with so many things today but has failed to give time to self. So the time has come to provide proper time to self. Any achievement you wish to accomplish and any service (Socio, economic, professional, etc.) you agree to render to society can be achieved with excellence only if one fosters it methodically. That can be done just by providing time to self. U-first is, of course, a noble endeavour towards directing accurate ways to every individual. This is a support to youths, teachers and parents, three pillars of our society. This is academic platform for every section in society to share their ideas, knowledge, understanding and experiences across the globe for the welfare of mankind. This U-first magazine is Universal in nature.

Target audience/group

Students, Youths, Parents, Teacher and others

Area covers:

Further, U-first magazine will cover various series for the benefit of readers and this will provide wide scope for both readers and writers. It covers;

  1. Life & living
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. People
  5. Mother Nature
  6. Women
  7. Youth & Student Desk
  8. Teachers’ Desk
  9. Traveller Desk
  10. Parent-self
  11. Culture
  12. History

Apart from this contributors and contribute photos, paintings, and poems for publication.

U-first magazine will give platform to all people and maintains higher education publications and ideas of people that benefit students, teachers, and parents/family. This will equally benefit schools, society and other organizations. You may access the publications of U-first hardcopy a well as softcopy through following links;


  Type of magazine        : Educational magazine

 Status                          : Manual (Hardcopy) and e-magazine

 Language                    : English

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